Bison Safety Foil

Bison Safety Foil consists of reinforced resistant to aging, high density polyethylene that is laminated with low density polyethylene on both sides. The foil is P-marked, UV and alkali resistant.

Bison Safety Foil is used as a combined air and vapor barrier and stepping through protection. The material meets Swedish Work Environment Authority requirements for stepping through protection of roof and floor. The safety foil must be mounted on the warm side of the insulation. Penetrations and joints should be sealed with either the Bison Flex Tape (which is a P-labeled Build Foil Tape) or other approved jointing aids.

Weight: ca 145 g/m2
Width: 1,36, 2,73 & 3,67 m
Length: 25, 50 & 100 m
Water vapor resistance: >1,5x10⁶ s/m, sd-value >40 m
Tear strength: MD: 600 / CD: 600 N
Tensile strength: MD: 15 / CD: 15 kN/m
Elongation: MD: 15 / CD: 15 %
Water tightness: Tight at 200 mm water column
Stepping through test: >2,2 kN

Bison Flex Tape, Butyl tape