Bison House Wrap

Bison House Wrap consists of polypropylene laminated with a polyethylene film. The material is P-marked and UV and moisture / heat stabilized. The aging resistance is at least 50 years.

Bison House Wrap is open to diffusion, which means that any moisture can migrate out of the material. The material is windproof and the outside is water repellent. The house wrap is mounted on the outside of the insulation, inside the surface layer (facade).

The Bison House Wrap is used to protect the insulation from wind and thereby ensuring that the insulation is not impaired. The house wrap also prevents any moisture, which can be found behind the facade, to penetrate into the insulation. These features prevent moisture problems.

Weight: ca 60 g/m2
Length: 12,5, 25 & 50 m
Width: 1,375, 2,75 & 3,10 m
Temperature for use: -20° C – +40° C
Air permeability: <0,01 m³/m 2 h Pa
Water vapor resistance: <20x10³ s/m, sd-value <0,5 m
Tear strength: ca 80 N
Tensile strength: >2 kN/m
Elongation: > 80%
Fire classification: E
Water tightness (Class): W1

Bison Flex Tape, Butyl tape