Bison Flex Tape sheets

The P-marked sheets are reinforced and have a very strong adhesion. The sheets have an excellent resistance to aging and are heat and cold resistant.

The sheets are primarily used in connection with cellulose insulation. The holes created in the vapor barrier or vapor control layer are sealed easily and quickly with the sheets. Adhesion is very good at PP foils (non-woven), PE-foil, wood panels, fibreboard, OSB etc. It is also designed to fit the Bison House Wrap and Bison VCL.

The tape contains no solvents, heavy metals or halogen.

Weight: ca 2 kg/roll
Number of sheets: 125 pcs/roll
Measure sheet: 200 x 200 mm
Measure roll: 200 mm x 25 linear meters
Glue: Polyacrylate
Thickness: ca 0,35 mm
Water vapor resistance: >1,5x10⁶ s/m, sd-value >40 m
Tensile strength: > 50 N/25 mm
Elongation: ca: 130%
Temperature resistance: -40°- + 80°C
Package: 6 pcs/package