Bison Debris Net (Scaffolding cover)

The debris net is a UV-stabilized elastic net in HDPE with reinforced mounting points. The material is offered in weight of 60 and 80 grams/M2 for covering the building facade. The debris net comes in size 3,3×100m (folded in half).

It is used as scaffolding cover/weather protection for the building facade. It protects the building from rain which can cause moisture damage. The net also prevents dust and dirt from spreading out from the construction site. It is mounted either horizontally or vertically on the scaffolding. The material allows a certain wind to penetrate, which leads to a not raised internal temperature.

Fastening of Bison Debris Net is made using cable ties/stripes.

Weight: 60/80 g/m2
Length: 100 m
Width: 3,30 m
Weight/roll: ca 20/26 kg
Colour: White (standard).
Other colours can be ordered.