Bison Flex Tape

BIson Flex Tape is a P-marked, reinforced construction foil tape that has a very strong adhesion. The tape has excellent aging resistance and is heat and cold resistant.

The tape can be used on PP foils (non-woven), PE-foil, aluminum boards, wooden boards, OSB and non-waxed cardboard etc. It is also designed to fit the Bison House Wrap, Bison Roofing Underlay and Bison Vapor Control Layer. It is ideal for joints, penetrations, repairs and sealing of staples / nails.

The tape contains no solvents, heavy metals or halogen.

Weight: ca 560 g/roll
Dimension: 50 mm x 25 linear meters
Glue: Polyacrylate
Thickness: ca 0,35 mm
Water vapor resistance: >1,5x10⁶ s/m, sd-value >40 m
Tensile strength: > 50 N/25 mm
Elongation: ca: 130%
Temperature resistance: -40°- + 80°C
Package: 12 pcs/package